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    Since the inception of Art Lounge 9, five years ago, its motto of “Sharing India with the world” is going strong. Its creative streak has mesmerized the audience with hypnotic performance and left them speechless. Their choreography is unique and makes them one of the finest groups in the country.

    Shreya, as the Creative Director of Art Lounge 9, has since then accommodated in her team people of diversified backgrounds. She loves to explore talent wherever she sees it. Her organisation invites professionals and amateurs to be a part of its team with great enthusiasm and vigour.

    Her team, Art Lounge 9 has performed many shows in Europe that exhibit the essence of India in them. Also, its first show, “Taj Mahal” has been performed five times thus winning accolades in Belgium and Germany.

    The team not only believes in putting up a great show for its personal welfare, but also it donates part of its earning for social cause. For instance, the team pulled off a spectacular show to donate all its earning to Red Cross for aiding the Chennai flood relief.

    Also, the day 28 October, 2017 was a historic day marked in the calendar for all Indians when Art Lounge 9 organised “Diwali – The festival of lights” at the Atomium, Belgium. There, Indian tricolour flag was hoisted for the first time ever in Atomium. It was a proud moment for all the Indians who were overwhelmed with nostalgia.

    Their latest act “Rama” was a spellbinding performance that portrayed Ramayan, the epic, live on stage. The show was premiered on 13th January, 2018 in Brussels. The team comprised over 45 members that included dancers, actors, technical, backstage managers, etc. The show Rama also included a team of children who played the Vanar Sena. This part in the show was specially appreciated by the audience. 

    The show Rama received incredible feedback from the audience which had both Indian and non-Indians. The show was not only pleasant for the eyes, but also had something to learn from it. Shreya’s team made it appealing for all age groups. Due to the great feedback and motivation, Art Lounge 9 is planning to do it again in June, 2018. 

    Art Lounge 9, a team of enthusiastic people loves to do to creative things whenever given a chance. In 2016, the team welcomed monsoon in the most awe-inspiring manner. They shot a small video at Atomium called “barkha ki ritu” on a musical piece based on Raag Sur Malhaar. It gained popularity with a view count of almost 13,000 on facebook.

    You can listen to it here on YouTube https://youtu.be/29Xhmr07xOQ

    Art Lounge 9 plans to come up with various shows in future. It is adding laurels to the nation by its message – “Sharing India with the world.”

    You can also find them on Facebook to the below mentioned link.

    Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/artlounge9be




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