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    Words Do Go Tipsy Without Alcohol

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    Yes, you heard that right. It is not always the alcohol or any other intoxicating substance which causes the inebriation of one’s mind. Inebriation of one’s mind hence one’s word is also caused by one’s own choice of words.

    Have you ever wondered what power a single word uttered by your tongue has on your listeners?
    Well, to be honest, none of us is actually ever bothered about it. Many of us do not pay attention to our words while some of us believe in speaking our heart out. Many even believe in showcasing their inner power by their utterance of so called strong words yet reflecting their own ego, attitude and bad personality.

    It is indeed a much better option to speak your heart out but doing that also requires the wise choice of words. You need a better way of expressing your own views on something or someone without hurting anyone’s sentiments.

    In fact I am a complete straightforward person and I do believe in stating what I exactly feel about something or someone. But before just blurting out my opinion, I make it a point that I blurt out my facts in a way that it either appears acceptable to the listener or it makes a polite impression on him.

    Hey, I am no way bragging about myself by saying this; after all, I too got to learn the above mantra when I myself experienced the effect of someone else’s words upon me. Others’ words did have an impact on me, no matter how much I tried to wear the robe of“I don’t care what others say’’! At the end of the day, I found that the way my words matter to me the most, likewise my words most importantly does matter to others as well.

    Not necessarily you always need to come up with a solution but yes, you can always make an attempt to make others feel good about your views.

    There is no denying the fact that pen is mightier than a sword and what actually makes the pen mightier is the word which drips out of it! Likewise, the words which are dripped out of your tongue are much more powerful.

    Words are like that powerful light sabers which need to be used wisely when called to action. It is often seen that an intoxicated person, having lost the control of his mind, struggles to put his words in right shape. On the other hand, I often come across people without being drunk; their words contain so much toxicity in them. Ouch! That really hurts.
    See, I told you initially that “words do go tipsy without alcohol”.

    Your words reflect your personality. Your words have all the power to guide/misguide, break/repair, build/demolish, soothe/aggravate, hurt/heal and encourage/discourage anyone or anything.
    Remember, you words can lift up someone’s spirit!

    So, are you choosing to let your words go tipsy and wayward without yourself being intoxicated or are you choosing let lose your self-control by getting yourself intoxicated? Well, both doesn’t make any make difference nor any sense!
    Therefore, why don’t you choose your words wise enough before the Karma gifts them back to you as a surprise?



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