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    Have you ever been in a Mojoland when the things were falling apart in your dystopia town? In case, you've never been a part of such a journey then let me do the honors of being your guide and take you on this transcendental ride.Indulging in reminiscences from Jan'11 2018, I find myself boarding the Doon Express from Lucknow along with my cousins. Between all the shrill & hustle-bustle of the vendors & passengers, my mind dwelled at peace as if 544 kms passed within the blink of an eye.

    'Queen of Hills', as they call it, had never been this beautiful. 'Mussoorie -  Oh! You beauty', were my first utterances while our bus from Dehradun was covering that 35 km topsy-turvy, twirling & twisting roads. Lush green valleys bathing in the aroma of freshly chopped minty breeze adorning the silky sheen sheet of clouds was no less than a crown of its queen. While my twinkling eyes were engaged in capturing that scenic miracle, the bus took a halt and we were at 'Holiday Home' - my abode for the next 24 hours. A beautiful stay with all the greenery engrossed in the quintessence of I in the eye of self. After a much needed nap and a more needed hot shower, we went to have our breakfast. Nothing could've been better than munching on those pipin' hot butter dripping aaloo paranthas. The brightness of the Sun was all drooling over 'em. Once our tummies went content and our energy level boosted up, we headed towards our first destination.

    Kempty Falls - a perennial shower making its way through the edgy rocks and dense bushes, nature's way of taking a leap of faith into the spellbinding cascade. A fall worth remembering! Oh! And if you've been to Mussoorie, how could you even dare to miss out the arresting view from the 'Gunhill Point' of the Doon valley & Mussoorie town. A venturesome ropeway ride is a must to view this encompassing sight. My heart knew this short blissful quest would end soon but my soul wanted to feed itself as much as it could. Between getting lost among those laughter and chirpy talks or adding a humongous library as that in Mussoorie to my wish list, from those enthralling paragliding landings to covering up oneself in the cozy blanket of 'Company Garden' strolls, shaking a leg with strangers on that strictly street busy Mall Road to goofing around with hushing & crackling corridors of Alpine forests, every single moment was a lovely affair with Shangri-la.

    As soon as the twilight mirror started fading into a dusky texture, we had covered the 'Clouds End', 6 km of the Library; Clouds End is a paradise for visitors. Getting immersed into the frothiness of pure ecstasy and tranquility of cottony soft weather is the best offering, here. After spending an hour in that heavenly bliss, we were back to the heart of Mussoorie - 'Mall Road'. This place is a concrete colonial jungle embedded with lampposts, benches, souvenir shops, eateries and skating rinks. Relishing sweet corn dressed with lime juice, pepper and salt while the soothing zephyr ruffles through your silky strands is an altogether different experience, especially when it gets served with an altitude of 2003 meters. As soon as the dusk fell upon us, we went for some shopping, downhill. We were back to our respective rooms by 8:30 p.m. I wanted to get as much as I could of this resplendence, moving out of my perfectly lit up room in order to stargaze the velvety black firmament was not a bad idea. Venting out secrets, gossiping about the town back home, counting on my unfulfilled desires felt like pasting vertical diamonds on that unfathomable scrapbook. After a hearty chat with the appealing cosmos, I had my dinner and dozed off in no time. A chaotic soul went to sleep with an everlasting peaceful curve on her face.

    Next day was as rejuvenating as if I was a Marvel DC superhuman, who is all set to conquer the world. It was definitely an end to an aesthetically calming flight but also a beginning towards a fresh one- A fresh journey of my life. To sum up, Mussoorie isn’t no longer a travel destination in my dictionary, it's a pilgrimage for erratically damaged minds. A re-habitat for green panthers and a home where your silence is understood by the emerald draped terrains, where your heartbeat sways on the tunes of wafting breeze, where the waterfalls spill out their sagas, where the lush greenery clutches all your senses, where the night sky has its own way of gripping your soul. All of this is witnessed by Mother Earth, while an urban downtown loses her heart for the 'Queen of Hills- Mussoorie'. Indeed, a fall worth remembering!

    Pragya Shukla




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