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    Hey pretty pals!! Today’s world is so much into the beauty and glamour that there are many people who make it career.  Beauty Pageants are the perfect ticket to showcase the striking talent that gives a flattering career and dream life which you always wanted. It also helps the person to build their confidence to achieve their goal and to make difference in the world. You think winning a beauty pageant is cup of cake that everyone can consume?? Then pretty girl you are mistaken beauty pageants are one of the tough competition that is fully focused on estimating and judging the youngster’s talent, intelligence, physical attributes and personal traits. Beauty pageants are all about the elegance of beauty with brain in this glamour’s world. These contests give the empowering men and women an opportunity to grow and prove their talents and self-image which will provide strong experience and build the beautiful memories.


    The first beauty contest was started in 1952 and is celebrated till today. Participating in these contests is not an easy task that happens in some days, you need a constant focus on your goal and determination to prove your talent. Every beauty pageant has its own set of rules and regulations like age limit; the rules may demand a participant to be unmarried, ethical, enthusiast and should be available for every type of promotions. Promotions are mainly focused on makeup, apparels, hair and modelling for different labels. There myriad of beauty pageants, the most prestigious titles are “ Miss Universe”, “ Miss World”, “ Miss International” and “ Miss Earth”. The winners of these titles are prominently known as Beauty Queens. The winners are awarded with the gorgeous tiaras, prestigious title, sashes, saving bonds, scholarships and the cash price. Even the multiple runner-ups are awarded with the scholarship.

    The gorgeous Miss Mexico Vanessa Ponce De Leon has been crowned as Miss World 2018; the beauty with a purpose has inspired millions of people with her philanthropic journey.  Are you someone who want to be the next beauty pageant participant? Then you should know beauty is not enough to reach your goal; you need that hard work, creative skill and intelligence. You should also know winning is not only about a particular person it’s also about the making your country proud. So if you are someone who dreams of winning beauty contests, work hard to reach that goal to make yourself and everyone proud. Girl if you can dream it, you can achieve it.  



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