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    The Dance

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    We are
    each of us
    an individual viewpoint
    of creation.

    We are
    each of us
    a Creator-in-disguise.
    On vacation from the “big job.”

    We are dancers
    of the eternal pavane. Indulging

    in a casual pirouette
    to spin
    a galaxy on its way. Or
    a playful
    tour en l’aire
    to remind the planets how it’s done.

    Working out
    the choreography of a
    freestyle jazz routine
    on the head
    of a pin;
    with the rest of the angels.

    We dance.
    We weep.

    We sow joy.

    We inspire.

    We dance: Trailing songs

    and the poetry of a million lives lived.

    --Michael Graves
    Senior Poet
    Al Da Beatz Magazine


    Pavane: A stately court dance by couples that was introduced from southern Europe into England in the 16th century.

    Pirouette: A full turn of the body on the point of the toe or the ball of the foot in ballet

    Tour en l’aire: (French: “turn in the air”), in ballet, a complete single, double, or triple turn in the air.


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