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    The Ballad of Lost Souls by Archita Dash

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    Somewhere deep down in the earth
    Buried are the strong desires; 
    Desires to love more, 
    Desires to live more.

    Their screams could no longer be heard
    Nor their bodies could be recovered;
    Recovered to live a life of no regrets,
    Recovered to live their dreams.

    Some took their lives for granted
    While seeking the worldly lusts and pleasures;
    Pleasures to distract their minds from the death call,
    Pleasures to mask their coward souls.

    Whereas others lived a life condemned
    Cursed and detested by themselves;
    With themselves unsatisfied of the gifted life,
    With themselves in dire want of more and more.

    Amidst all these, they prioritized 
    Satisfying their undying desires,
    In pleasing other beings,
    Striving for the possessions 
    That didn’t even bother to shed a tear when their souls were lost.

    Alas! For they did all but
    Only to love their living souls;
    Living souls that breathed just for their own sake,
    Souls that are perhaps no more alive,
    Those lost souls whose musings are engraved
    On the unseen pages of the tombstone.



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