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    Photography Isn't Just About A Photograph

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    Time stops, my friends, tides too. Everything will stop for you if you have the vision to make it stop. This is one of the most valuable lessons that photography has taught me. Other than the apparent, there is elusive beauty in the vast world and right there, lies the difference between a photographer and anyone else.

    The things that are almost invisible to the customary eyes are of scenic beauty to a photographer. The simple, clueless events are of great meaning to us. The exquisiteness in the world that deserves but doesn't demand attention is seen, felt and captured by us. Add a little expertise to it and these moments become larger than life. The moments that twinkle in this universe for seconds are turned into an everlasting piece of art, and the everlasting moments are turned into an unfading image. Not only photographers capture time, I believe, we can capture emotions and feelings.

    A photograph is the work of the imagination and thoughts of not only the photographer but of everyone who views it. Just remember, every photograph ever taken; of important points in history, sceneries, love, despair and of hope, is your story as much as it is of the photographer. I present before you all, dear viewers, some of my works, which are more than just photographs: they are your imaginations.

    I have always wondered what’s more fascinating about the miniature of Royce – its stillness or its age.

    There’s God at every place, in every human being. After a long conversation about his home while enjoying tea and cookies at a local tea stall; my God here, Bhanu, smiles while he poses for the picture. What this picture captures is his solace in our company.

    Beyond this closed door, lies nothing but your imagination. There can be a fairyland, or the 17th Century. The Jurassic Park awaits you there, or it can be Hogwarts. Unwind your thoughts, and unlock the door.

    The very first rays of the Sun hit the waters and I see these little kids coming out the river after taking dips on one of the coldest mornings of December. And then they say superheroes don’t exist.

    The Siberian migratory bird flaps its wings, ready to take a flight in the sky. Perhaps the sky isn’t that far from the waters. Perhaps the river and the sky really do meet at the horizon.

    When the roads are jammed and skies are grey; sail back to where you belong. A Sadhu performs his morning puja in the boat during the sunrise, and the boatman contents himself with his first income of the day.

    On a hot day, the man sits and stares blankly at the horizon, tired after the day’s work. I see hope on his face; hope for a better tomorrow.

    Mother isn’t the one that gives birth, she’s the one that sacrifices herself to help you grow, exactly what a plant does for a caterpillar and what flowers do for butterflies. Nature is a lot more than what biology books teach us.

    At the end of the hallway, lies just another room of the Chunar Fort. Just another room that once in history occupied Babar and Akbar. Just another room that has witnessed so many unrecorded events of the past. . . . just another room.

    What can be more relieving than a splash on the face on a hot summer afternoon? Look at Sean – the German Shepherd, for the calmness on his face and for the abundance that his closed eyes reflect.


    Abhinav Roy and Shruti Sharma




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