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    Photographer's Journal - A Story via Pictures

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    Zoom in! Zoom out!

    What is the first thought that comes in your mind reading this? Yes, you are right! We are talking about photography. We all love getting clicked. The love for photography is so much so that earlier it was used primarily for journalism purposes, but now it has spread its tentacles in panorama mode.

    Everything and everyone can be captured in a shot today. Photographs create memory and in exchange photographers create source of income for them. Isn't it luring to know that your creativity and passion can turn out to be a source of income for you? Well, that's icing on the cake.

    However, for few passionate people, it is more than that. They put in their heart and soul into photography just to pacify their hunger for creativity. They hate the pressure so they decide to be king of their own kingdom by creating wonderful imagery.

    Lets delve into knowing this my work and how it all brought me this far.

    The moment of creation


    What could be more expressive of the birth of life than light?

    This image presents the crackle of the world, the inception of existence in one simple festive celebration of Diwali.

    The Proof of Bond

    A custom where Sindoor is worn by women to acquire the status of being married. Shot for Anjlika Shekhar Photography.

    Catalectic Ensemble

    Throwing light all around the two generous crackers befriend darkness under the canopy of onlookers. This custom of lights not only encourages friendships among humans but also between other elements of the universe.

    My Bandish

    When you can actually feel an energy coming off of a picture. This is one such. The drummer, Christopher Powell, pours out his energy on to the canvas of his art. The beats ooze out of the picture and infect the viewer with its music.

    The sun in my feathers

    Imagine the bird wrapping its wings around the sun. What would that be like? The image shows an early bird passing by a sidekick of an Indian icon, the respected India Gate, with the sun watching it on its way to a mission. A fiery mission.


    On a misty winter morning, one little cuckoo bird finally finds the much needed warmth by kind hands of a passerby. The colors of the picture define how even a cold day can be full of life and passion. In spite of her limited reach, the bird makes the best of her at the moment.

    The perky bride

    The beginning and end of things can be portrayed in a single shot. The smiles in the image shine with the new relations that have been formed. The bride being the highlight of the image, the shimmers of her external beauty matches that of her internal joy. Moving the attention towards the groom, the “end of things” can be clearly seen. Shot for Anjlika Shekhar Photography.

    Savinay Srivastava




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