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    Our Souls In Exile

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    In core of my heart,

    Now I live alienated,

    I look in the mirror,

    And realize we are separated,

    I miss your dominance,

    Yet feel I am still protected,

    I wear you every day,

    It keeps our story narrated,

    I talk to your memories,

    I love staying awaited,

    I hold your smile in sight,

    It keeps our love laminated.


    I peeped through the stars,

    I gazed at the sky,

    I wished for your glance,

    For once last chance.

    My prayers all in vain,

    My wishes all denied,

    Now my eyes just gaze,

    Without you I am a just maze.

    Somewhere you might have blossomed,

    You fragrance to me will reach,

    When time will show me favour,

    The heavens will have us meet.


    If you could read the silence in me,

    I have in abundance a life to speak,

    If you really want to spend some moments with me,

    You would feel I behold ages in me,

    If you try to guess what is longed by me,

    You will find a desire to rewrite history,

    If you are profound enough to discover me,

    You will find my tide is never halting,

    If you are able to resolve a cumbrous me,

    You will encounter a soul which is numb and eath.


    Deepanti Saxena



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