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    If you are looking forward for a career in Bollywood and wondering where to begin, here’s the answer. Upcoming actor Karan Aanand who was last seen in Baby as Jamal, shares his journey and tips to get started.
    Q1. How difficult is entering Bollywood especially for someone who doesn’t hail from a family with a film background?
    It is very difficult especially for a person belonging to a middle class family residing in a city like Allahabad. It is tough to get started when you don’t have contacts in the fraternity. I got my first film as a lead after being in the industry for almost ten years. However I was lucky that I did not have to face extreme struggle like sleeping on a bench, eating vada pav and so on because I always had work be it commercials or television series.
    Q2. How did your family react when you said you wanted to become an actor?
    I wanted to become an actor since childhood but obviously no one took me seriously as many kids have that dream.  I looked up to almost everyone with hope in my eyes who came from Mumbai. As I grew up I joined theatres as well. It was after graduation that I was adamant in going to Mumbai.
    Initially my parents especially my father was not at all in favour of sending me. I also qualified the written of a competitive exam but did not go for the interview. I even completed the first semester of engineering from a reputed institution after qualifying the entrance but I gave up because acting was always my passion. I did all these just to prove my parents that I am capable but not interested. After a lot of arguments and discussions they finally agreed reluctantly. Apart from my family my so called mohallawalahs mocked me by saying that I should not waste my time in these stupid pursuits and focus on getting a government job and marriage like every other guy of my age because of which I even stopped going to weddings and other parties to avoid alliances.
    Q3. Tell us something about your journey and current projects.
    After coming to the city of dreams I managed to open a studio and developed contacts. I did few shows on Doordarshan which became quite popular. I also produced a show titled Ek Lakshya. After being featured in advertisements and television series like Rani Padmini Ka Jauhar I got small but important roles in flicks like Gunday and Kick. Then Baby happened which was a turning point. But as it is said that hard work pays it did. I got my first film as a lead which is titled Lupt and will be released in the coming months. It stars Meenakshi Dixit, Javed Jaffrey, Nikki Aneja, Vijay Raj in pivotal roles. It is being produced by Fun Entertainment and will be presented by Remo D’Souza. I will soon be starting the shoot for another film titled Balloon staring Pankaj Kapoor and Deepak Dobriyal among others and directed by Manoj Raj Dutt. I am also in the talks with people for two more films about which I can’t talk much at present.
    Q4. What message would you like to give to the youngsters aspiring for Bollywood?
    It is not at all as easy as it seems. There is a lot of competition as anyone who belongs to a rich family and is good looking already has a producer i.e. his or her father. Also star kids have an upper hand as they are born into that atmosphere, which we take a lot of time to learn and get used to. It is true that talent sustains but getting a break in the first place is difficult but if you work hard and come well prepared, there is no stopping. It may take time but it will work out. I always believe in the fact that Mehnat se raaste jarur khul jate hain. 
    Q5. Apart from acting what else intrigues you?
    I love reading good literature although I don’t find much time but I try to read as much as possible. I love experimenting with my attire and looks. I love travelling and Himanchal is one of my favorites. I like sports and I am also a black belt in Hap-Kido.
    Q6. What is your ultimate dream and success mantra?
    I want to become a really big actor but I am not desperate. However I am happy that now my parents are also happy and proud of me. I am very religious. I pray and meditate often to keep my calm and be patient and this is what I would advise everyone because patience pays. I know that with time I will be able to fulfill all my dreams.
    by Pyusha Singh Chatterjee



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