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    Motorcycling with Prashant Singh Shekhawat

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    Q1. Tell us something about yourself.

    I grew up in an Army background and even before the age of 18, I had already seen and lived in a dozen of Indian cities. The love for the two-wheelers began as soon as I was able to balance my bicycle without the supporting wheels and it was that feeling of freedom that got me hooked on to this pursuit.

    Q2. From being an Electronic Engineer to a Senior Correspondent at Autoportal, what was the turning point that brought this change?

    I was always involved with motorcycles and cars since a young age but it was only during the college life I found out that it can actually be turned into a career. Hence I started off leveling up my automotive curiosity and took things more seriously. There was no real sudden turning point but a slow transformation that occurred over the college years that made motorcycling my biggest virtue. And since that time I never looked back.

    Q3. What all responsibilities do you undertake being at Autoportal?

    I look into testing all the newly launched motorcycles for Autoportal, and videos are an integral part of the same. We have one of the biggest Auto channels on Youtube in India, where all my video reviews are published. Also, whatever I write can be seen on the website, where I also make sure to come up with fresh articles and news pieces every week for our readers which have been strongly supporting us from ever since we came into existence.

    Q4. Riding different motorcycles is always fun, how much is that relatable with your journey?

    Riding different motorcycles is truly fun, but with the same experience, I learn how different all the auto manufacturers are from each other. Each product that they make speaks about them. It takes years of dedicated work to come up with a product and then it takes furthermore years to master it, and I feel extremely lucky to get to ride all these motorcycles on the first hand. The sublimity that is put behind a good product inspires me in my pursuit of perfection.

    Q5. What are the best thing and the worst thing about this pursuit?

    If you are truly loving your work then there are possibly thousands of things that make you happy, and it is the same case with me. I consider motorcycling an art, and with time it only gets better. Also, this job allows me to travel different places, and meet new people who have helped me to broaden my horizon and develop my individuality. Though the pace can be tiring sometimes, but then again, it's totally worth it.

    Q6. How do you see yourself in, say, 5 to 6 years?

    I really can't answer that right now, my life has been a roller coaster ride. But I am sure I’ll be working my way around motorcycles only.

    Q7. Any message to the fellow bikers?

    I am proud of the fact that motorcycle culture is growing in India, and we are not just known for making a couple of commuter bikes, we are much more than that. I see a number of biking clubs sprouting across the various corners of the country and people are taking riding gears more seriously than ever, and that makes me happy. But at the same time, our road infrastructure and road sense is not maturing at the pace to cope up with this industry which is growing as per international standards. And hence to be on the safer side, always make sure to buckle up with the best safety gears possible, starting with your helmet. Dress for the crash, not for the ride.



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