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    Q1) Tell us something about yourself?

    I am just a guy next door who loves motorcycles and everything related to it. My whole life revolves around it, so from chats, discussions to food and dreams it's all about Moto. I am a Biker and that's my identity.

    Q2) How did you stumble upon the idea of forming Der Motorrad?

    My Best friend Rohit Arora and I used to follow a lot of riding groups before and we found that while some w're great and inspiring most others who lacked dedication and spirit but a few were a little biased towards fast or expensive bike owners. So we created Der Motorrad with ideals and a soul. Anyone or any rider be it Ducati owner or a Platina or even scooty pep, all are welcome to ride. We all ride together and we help & support all riders of all genre.

    Q3) How do you spread awareness about safe riding?

    Well that's a difficult one. But lots of people and organisations come forward to help us for that cause. We organise promotional rides and destination rides, any ride or event we organize, wearing a helmet is Mandatory for both Rider and Pillion taking part as well as we are very strict towards following traffic rules. We always ride in formation and follow every traffic rule. This in turn spreads awareness among people who observe us on the road as well as riders who take part.

    Q4) Do you organise roadshows, how effective they are?

    We do actually, form time to time. We organized Save Your Skull Ride a unique initiative to spread Road Safety with Traffic Police Allahabad and Nyoooz Street.com. SP Traffic Kuldeep Singh rode a motorcycle himself to spread awareness. The ride was a super-hit and converted a lot of rash riders into responsible riders who wear helmet and follow traffic rules sincerely to be a part of something good and to keep themselves safe so that they can ride another day.

    Q5) Does your group collaborate with city officials, if yes, how?

    Like I said above we do. Time and again we have collaborated with Traffic Police Allahabad who have been very encouraging, proactive and helpful towards these collaborations. Traffic Police Allahabad took active part and gave immense support in Save Your Skull Ride and also collaborated with us on the inaugural day of Traffic Safety Month.

    Q6) How do you vision Der Motorrad's growth in next five years?

    We aim to spear head Road Safety campaigns and Skill Development programmes for the public as well as the biking community in whole of U.P.

    Q7) Any suggestions to budding riders?

    To my Biker Brothers and Sisters I would say that we all know how much we cherish and value our passion. It lets us break the shackles of mere existing and makes us live, feel alive and experience our true freedom. We all should respect such a passion that's the least that we can do. We all should respect it by wearing a helmet and riding gears. We all should respect our lives that biking celebrates. Wear Protective gear while riding. Respect your passion and your life, that's the least that we can do.

    Pooja Srivastava




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