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    Little Steps Towards Professional Success

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    Success means different things to different people. As professionals, in our respective industries, many a times we find ourselves struggling to find what went wrong. What’s that thing that is keeping us from becoming successful? Changing a few approaches to our daily tasks can lead to major changes in our professional lives.

    1. Dress right: Heard about power dressing? Dressing right makes you feel confident and it shows on your face. Now, power dressing doesn’t mean that your wardrobe shopping should burn a hole in your pocket. Wearing a crisp ironed cotton saree bought from the khadi store can be as impressive as an imported business suit.

    2. Eat right: Wondering what has it got to do with your success? A balanced diet not only keeps you physically fit but also enhances brain function, resulting in better focus. The dietary requirements of everyone, even if they are family members, are different. It is therefore best to get health check-ups done periodically and have your diet planned by a professional.

    3. Move: Back to back meetings, no time to eat, no time to attend the nature’s call, no time to drink water. Sounds familiar? Well, then stop and think about the long-term impact of these habits on your body. Even the most advanced machinery in the world requires servicing. Your body is no different. 5 -10 minutes of spot running or even desk yoga every day, can make a difference. Be active and see how it works wonders for you.

    4. Anger Management: Easier said than done. The urgent need to vent, the need to curse, the need to blabber. It is good to have an opinion and even better to have it heard but not necessarily so, when you are angry. Even if you are right, calm down. Speak only after you have thought through and processed everything that you wanted to say. I am not referring to a politically correct speech here. Write your thoughts down when angry; don’t even bother to read what you wrote. Just vent. Once done and once you feel better, get back to the other party and make your point.
    5. It’s not my job: You can either look at ad-hoc responsibilities as an opportunity or as a liability. You don’t have to wait to get a specific job title to act like you have it in you. Prove yourself; establish yourself as a contender, without pulling someone down or taking their job. Help wherever you can and share your ideas. If you think something can be done better, do it or suggest how it can be done. It is necessary to exercise caution when offering help, offer/ask, don’t jump right in uninvited.
    6. Mental health: Most critical and often neglected. Frequent episodes of crying without a reason, anxiety issues, panic attacks, worry, over-thinking could signal mental health issues which should not be ignored. If you have any of these excessively and it feels beyond normal and controllable; please do not hesitate to seek professional assistance. A mental health issue is like any other medical condition, it does not mean that you are weak, it simply means that you have a curable illness and any medical opinion will not harm.
    Disclaimer: Anything said or suggested in the article is my own opinion or is derived from my own experience. The same shoe doesn’t fit all; while I hope this brings some sense of direction. I do not in any way intend to imply that your current ways are wrong. Please feel free to share your thoughts - sneha22mathur@gmail.com.



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