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    You represent triumph

    To me you represent joy

    You represent the familiar

    As I tremble on the edge of a void


    You remind me of the girl I once was

    Both shy and desperately deep

    The girl whose mind spun poems

    Even when she couldn’t sleep


    The girl so in touch with her art

    That she drew every chance she had

    A pensive soul out of her element

    And yet she didn’t feel bad


    You represent the camaraderie I miss

    Shared hobbies and a rhythmic soul

    You represent a piece of what I wanted to be

    Before life began to take its toll


    You represent something unattainable

    Something I thought I never deserved

    You represent all of my biggest fears

    All the times I lost my voice

    You represent times I stayed silent

    Because I did not think I had a choice

    You represent a past I am still processing

    Though I doubt you really care

    Our interaction is sporadic

    A mostly one-sided affair

    You symbolize more than I would have imagined

    And maybe that’s all you are

    A living breathing symbol

    That I can mull over from afar.




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