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    Q1: Where were you born and how was growing up like?

    I was born and brought up in one of the most peaceful and holy place of India i.e. Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh. When I was a kid I also had some goals, which were completely fictitious like many others however the one thing that I’m and I was proud of myself was that I was one of the most optimistic person in my family who never gave up in any situation though I will consider it as a very small part of my whole life.

    Growing up was like a bit difficult for me as per my academics because I was an average student who was not at all interested to go to school regularly and attend the same boring lectures which as per my opinion has almost no value in real life however I always had interest in subjects which involved practicals like Science.

    Q2: How long you have been in the enterprise?

    I’ve been associated with uCertify since 2015 before this I was a part of a MNC in Gurugram (Delhi-NCR) where I was selected through campus placement. Being a uCian I felt proud as it’s an organization which always believed and trusted on me and gave me a lot of responsibilities which in turn groomed my skills and made me something which I never thought that I will be able to become in such a short span of time. I knew about my abilities and I also agree that one should always believe in themselves as it is a main cause of success.

    Q3: What are your key strengths?

    It’s always necessary that one should be aware of their strength and weaknesses as then only they will be able to utilize them according to the situation in their future career. When it comes to me I think that my most effective strength is that I’m always confident in every situation of my life which in turn boosts me for that task and communication skills act there like cherry on the pudding.As per me when you are confident and able enough to handle any situation then only you can be a successful person in your life.

    Q4: Where do you see yourself five years down the lane?

    Five years down the lane I see myself as a Senior Manager who is matured enough to handle a complete team with an experience of almost everything which comes under Human Recourses. I never thought of becoming anything in life intentionally, yes that’s true but the thing I always aimed at was that I will never be an underdog in any condition. You can never define your future however the thing that you can control is your way of execution.

    Q5: What is your success mantra?

    As I already mentioned that I never doubted my abilities, or you can say that I never stopped believing on me and yes hard work has always to be there without it no one can achieve anything in their life. When you are giving your best then you don’t have any issues with yourself even after failure because you have given what you can, so just make sure that you should never fall under any circumstance when you are unable to justify yourself when your in front of the mirror.

    Q6: What advice you have for the young aspirants?

    Most important thing that I found in recent teenagers is that they are actually unable to understand or identify their key skill and this is the reason behind their unsuccessful career because I have an opinion that one can only perform well when he actually loves to execute that particular task, without any interest or passion no one can be a successful person in his/her life. Other thing that comes to me is that you keep on challenging yourself in every situation and never settle for the less. Dream high go high.





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