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    Q1) Tell us a little bit about yourself?

    A) Rooted with logic based education and cultured upbringing, I define myself as a commoner who believes that every comment is a belief and it is by virtue of such belief, we differentiate ourselves from one another. Not by religion, not by location but by thoughts: those mindful thoughts, which we believe to be right.

    I am 25, Partner at Proprietorship firm Ramesh Tea Traders (Brand: Maharani Tea), Allahabad and an Engineer by education pursued at MIT, Manipal. Yes, it is quite contrasting but this is what makes me understand the best of both worlds. It’s a relative world and we are all judged differently by each individual, although in general I believe that change is the only constant in our lives and with every change due in this long course of life, I tend to improve and become worthy to people I meet along the way.

    Q2) What was your business idea and what struck you to let this idea become a reality?

    A) Before I move on with the idea striking part, let me clear the misconception of a so called “business idea”. Whenever an enterprise is formed, it is known for their right execution at the perfect time to challenge the adamant competitor. And an idea for such an execution never comes as a sudden surprise, but a result of immense learning and hardworking towards understanding the basic form of the knowledge base behind the idea. 

    The initial idea of selling online comes to someone with expertise in online based transactions and who can vision the growth of financial digitalisation. Similarly, a competitor to the same idea must know about the challenges being faced in implementing the idea on the ground level and so on. 

    My idea falls more in the latter of the aforementioned examples, bringing In the executional change to an existing platform and move ahead of the competition through technology and taming it to our advantage in the industry. Once we start doing something we are subconsciously good at, we define that as our passion and you know the clear path. My upbringing in a business oriented Marwari family might have played a bigger role in focusing more towards building an enterprise. 

    Maharani Tea, a regional well known brand and relatively not largely spread over the nation, my aim is to grow a prospect and build a concrete platform using the base of technology for my business to expand through, without losing its essence of quality; the main differentiator of Maharani with other tea brands.

    Q3) What is your strength and how do you overcome phases of self-doubt?

    A) The word “self-doubt” is paradoxical, these phases are the necessary evil to understand and analyse what might go wrong in the execution. Fear of failure is the daily motivation which makes you thrive as well as fighting this fear within oneself after a fail. There is no overcoming, the opposite of self doubt is confidence and we gain that through our varied mistakes and learning from the same at every step forward. 

    I make mistakes everyday and the only thing I focus on is to minimise the repetition of single-kind mistake; the only way I try to do that is by accepting my mistake and not blame it on the surroundings. 

    In business, you do not require a talent but a skillset, which can only be acquired through proper learning and experiences. So, that’s the idea, improving yourself professionally day by day, developing our expertise/knowledge-base and implementing everything in your initiative. 

    Q4) What’s the major roadblock and how you planned/planning to face it? 

    A) It is not a business if there is no roadblock or challenges to face, make each challenge as your immediate objective to achieve. And with only achieving smaller time period objectives, a company be able to move ahead towards their never ending growth prospects. 

    Once we categorise the major problem into different parts and each of those parts into other minor goals to accomplish, we would have a clear path to follow and a single issue to overcome. 

    When I think of bringing technology in such unorganised FMCG industry of tier-2 cities, it might feel like talking about a revolution or an impossible paradigm shift in a way it works. I start with smaller changes starting from my own organisation and the ones related (clients, service providers, etc). The present goal I am working on is to make people believe in technology and how it can bring wonders in their business, how it shows a clear path of growth by analysing the pattern.

    Q5) From where the drive to go on with your initial dream came?

    A)  We never settle with our childhood dreams, destiny makes you tumble from here to there and we accordingly design our dreams. Similarly, my passion to be in a business industry came much later during my years in college where I headed an E-cell associated with a reputed Incubator MUTBI. Especially, the scope of development, innovation and creativity through disruptive technology is immense. Since my family business is six decades old and some functions are orthodox and in need for an operational shift. This calls for my role for such changes and these challenges are the major driving factors for me to follow the process: Learn, observe, try-fail-try-fail again-try until you succeed-move onto the next. But we should never settle with our dreams, like we need hope to stay alive, we always need a dream to bring out the best in our professional part.

    Q6) Tell us something that made you ?

    A) Diversity. It is the one word answer to this question. Living in varied environments has made me learn about different prospects about people and the living, how to bring the best out of every condition. Childhood in Allahabad, Education phase in Manipal and Europe, Corporate lifestyle in Delhi and Bangalore: all such experiences made me learn many aspects of life and also about the societies and related differences. 

    Being Basketball House Captain In School, Incubator’s Student E-Cell President at MIT, one to be selected out of many for an Exchange Programme to Poland, a dedicated employee and now as a responsible business man, now it is my turn to bring in such expertise and follow the path of making this world a better place, starting from the city I belong. Allahabad may not be the great city but hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day and every city is defined by its people, so once we thrive to improve within, our surroundings become the product of our lifestyle.  

    Q7) What is your success mantra?

    Ans: Success is not about making it to your destination, it is about making worth story-telling about your path. A good book never have a better ending but a minute details about everything that comes along the way. Patience is the key to let us focus on the basic things in pursuit, and move forward slowly, learn everything thoroughly enough to set those skills and experiences in your subconscious mind and make room for your conscious mind to focus on the various unpredictable hurdles in our path. Such practice makes us different from others and a great learner towards anything in life.



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