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    Womb of most fascinating creature which unbound's to unleash most sensuous entity , whose subjected outlook is blasphemy, but Creek to colorful world - The Cocoon.

    Misconception as pupa or larva but it's a shell as simple as it sounds. Covering which keeps butterflies or silk in a vault which keeps unborn away from cruelty till it comes to an existence but when it comes leaves everybody awestruck. A charismatic rule of nature from nectar of mucus to reverberant art of glory. With a slighter change in perception let's view the wider angel of it.

    Cocoon symbolises the same civilization of whom we are profoundest and knowledgeable. Relatively we are also born, grown and exposed to mankind to, perform, achieve, credited, & lastly dismantled or terminated or rejuvenate. Just the riddle is, what you presume and how you perceive. Live simple instead of simplifying. We judge but hate of being judged, ain't it's iffy? Can't we see everyone with same eye and will discover the brilliance of diamond and thereafter your personality will be exceptional. But by default we are humans and fallen with same instinct we redeem as well proclaim to be most virtuous, such a laughable chasm.

    Learn the art of neglecting and accepting,  the one who does is a true artist. This came sudden in mind and idea's can be correlated to loads of stories. I want to keep it simple and straight dude, because, Butterflies are the simplest adored beauty and don't forget wherever she goes, She carries a charm like solitaire.

    Manas Mohan



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