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    "The glorious years we've had together

    Transformed me to a better person.

    I always thought I am imperfect

    Until I saw myself through your eyes."

    I was driving down homewards, late that night, when I accidentally hit on radio channel FM 104.8. On it was going on a talk show being hosted by eloquent Karan Johar, Love Guru or Relationship Coach as we may call him. He was outright there with all his heart listening patiently to the usual rants of couples, lovers, friends, colleagues having their tough time in their respective relationships. I was all focused driving, having lent my ears to ongoing sensible talk over the radio. This tête-à-tête kept me engrossed for one good hour, and this one hour left me profoundly thinking for days.

    Relationships are never easy for humans, yet we all deal with it in our own different ways, according to our own mindset and thresholds. It is well accepted that man is a social animal. Humans are like foliage plants that thrive in a window box. We dwell in small clans, friend circle, and society as a whole. By nature, humans have the urge to be loved, to be accepted and to be understood. And then there are days when we’re stranded in vastness, feeling alone in a crowd, and sometimes even left out by our own family. I contemplated my own journey and could relate to relationship issues. They aren’t as big as they may seem, and all we need is to address them before it burns the bridges between us.

    There’s nothing that cannot work, unless it is dead. Bonding is pivotal in every relation. Relationships need to be nurtured for they are essence of life and they bring meaning to us. We often try to fix what’s broken. However, I feel we should focus more on renewal adding positive vibes can make whole lot of difference. Giving ten minutes of each day to the words of appreciation can save us uncountable moments of bliss. Learn to acknowledge each other’s efforts of building a stronger bond.

    I hear a lot of people who don’t want to change and want to be accepted the way they are; this has been one of the most destructive mindset in all these years of evolution. What if an ape was aware of not changing and to be accepted the way it was?

    Never allow the feelings to fade away. Keep the relationship alive; try different ways to keep everyone in the family, among friends, pepped up. It is just not about the couple, but the entire clan. When two people get married, it is just not a relationship between them two but their entire kinship gets involved giving birth to new relations which can be as vast as an entire clan or society. When we live at a place that is composed of multiple other individuals than us, we need to make sure about creating an overall environment and how our action affects everyone else in a positive way. Promote collective individualism.

    Change is inevitable and nobody is alike, even the twins that are born to be alike are different in traits. When two people are keen to live together, they’ll have to make place for one another. They have to clear the clutter, give up on old nagging habits. To pair up, we have to shape and mould; this is the best you can do to avoid awkward moments of embarrassment. Like in fantasies, to be a perfect fit is way more different than real life. Change is like a fresh breeze, breathe on it.

    Shradha Mehra



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